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Below are links to short videos, informative news stories, and interesting printed articles that will help you see how handwriting specialists and schools are using the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum for handwriting success.

OC Handwriting in the News
Kathryn Majewicz & Michaela Pereira - KTLA News
Handwriting expert and owner of OC Handwriting Kathryn Majewicz demonstrates techniques used in the award winning Handwriting Without Tears program. In the segment above Kathryn guides actual OC Handwriting students in both motor activities and writing exercises as Michaela looks on in amazement.

How Handwriting Trains the Brain
Gwendolyn Bounds - The Wall Street Journal
Researchers are finding that writing by hand is both beneficial to children and adults. For children, handwriting practice helps with learning letters and shapes, can improve idea composition and expression and aid in fine motor-skill development. Adults can keep their minds sharp as they age by handwriting.

The Cursive Controversy
Steve Doocy, Todd Misura & Brian Rodriquez - Fox News
The teaching of cursive handwriting is debated on Fox News with Todd Misura, national presenter for Handwriting Without Tears® and Brian Rodriquez, Internet entrepreneur and founder of Gatorworks.net.  With schools spending less time on handwriting is cursive on the way out?

Learning To Write
Samantha Swindler - The Times Tribune
Teaching kids to use multi-sensory techniques to build letters as opposed to the drill and practice model is the secret behind the successful handwriting program, Handwriting Without Tears. Everyone can learn to write with good instruction states Todd Misura, a handwriting specialist with Handwriting Without Tears.

Getting A Grip On Handwriting
Courtney Cairns Pastor - The Tampa Tribune
After discovering students were developing bad handwriting habits and tired hands the Hillel School of Tampa introduced the Handwriting Without Tears national program. Children were taught proper grip, given shorter pencils that are easier to hold and songs to sing to reinforce learning. All part of the Handwriting Without Tears preschool and elementary curriculum.

The Writing on the Wall
Raina Kelley - Newsweek
“When kids struggle with handwriting if filters into all their academics,” states program director, Emily Knapton of Handwriting Without Tears. School subjects are much easier to learn when handwriting is an automatic process. Students need to be able to think and write at the same time and now are being tested on these skills since the College Board has added a written part to the SAT.

Teaching Handwriting to Special Needs Children
Valerie Shoopman - Bella Online
Students with fluent handwriting produce quality written assignments resulting in higher grades. But for special need students, handwriting can be a real struggle resulting in frustration. The Handwriting Without Tears program that occupational therapist use offers hands on learning in manageable steps allowing the child to experience success and increased self-esteem.

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