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“The program works and results are immediate. Not only does the OC Handwriting Preschool program work on writing skills, it also focuses on hand strength and grip. After the first session my son kept asking to go back! ”-S.B.

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“She works well with children and her knowledge of the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum is extensive.”-J.P.

“My son could barely write his name when he started with Kathryn. Now, he is not only writing upper and lowercase letters, he is writing short sentences with proper spacing. I am so happy with the progress that he has made. Most of all, I am happy that he enjoys writing now. Thank you for making the classes fun for him.” -J. M.

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“Kathryn is patient, very educated and knowledgeable; and having an Occupational Therapy background is a HUGE plus! -S.J.

“She is a wonderfully, calm and patient teacher and therapist that is extremely knowledgeable in unique treatments and support. Not only did my son benefit from the sessions and show great improvement, I also learned new and engaging ways to support, instruct, and encourage his success. My son’s frustration with writing was so high before we started the program. He is now confident and easier to engage in writing assignments.”-M. A.

“As a man, I have really benefited from and appreciated the weekly sessions with my son as well. It has not only given my son renewed confidence in his writing but for me a new level of support I can provide him. I’ve learned a lot in the process and am very grateful to have had Ms. Kathryn to learn from and collaborate with along our journey. We will miss you!” -J.A.

“Kathryn made learning fun and encouraged my daughter when she was frustrated. This helped her work through areas she was resisting to change.” -H.H.

“I was so proud to see the first few papers come home from second grade- my son had written individual words that I could read without struggling!” -L.T.

“Kathryn was able to get past my 9 year old son’s unwillingness to participate. He complained less about having to do writing. As a result, his writing has really improved!” -J. B.

“She is very patient and extremely professional. Kathryn was able to accommodate our daughter’s needs in transitioning from printing to cursive and mixed in fun fine motor activities to help keep her motivated. I would recommend her without hesitation! Excellent teacher and exactly what my daughter need to be successful! -R.P.

“Kathryn was able to help our son, who is in 9th grade, correct and improve his handwriting ability. The program also increased his confidence in his ability to write.” -T. K.

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