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Creates handwriting success stories throughout Southern California.

“This program has definitely been worth the investment in time and money! My son learned cursive and is doing quite well. My other son could barely write at all when we started. Now, his handwriting is beautiful!” – J. S.

"Kathryn is highly skilled and wonderful with kids. My son made significant improvements in his handwriting. He no longer reverses letters and numbers and he now writes legible with the correct grip. Thank you for giving my son confidence in his writing ability!" - R.S.

"My daughter, who has Down syndrome, looked forward to her sessions every week! She loved it and thought of it as her "own special time." Previously, she had no interest in practicing her writing. “Miss Kathryn” made it fun. Her teacher saw improvement in her writing after 2 weeks and incorporated some of Kathryn's ideas, such as a slant board. I'm grateful that her improved handwriting skills will be of lasting benefit to her."  –L.B.

"Kathryn has a gentle but firm demeanor that works well with children. My 13 year old son was resistant at first but she won him over! The legibility of my son’s handwriting improved immensely." – M.C.

"My son made improvements in letter formation, legibility, spacing, writing on the line correctly and his sitting posture. I would recommend Kathryn because she was slow and methodical for my son. She made handwriting tutoring fun for my son while he learned to form his letters.” -M.H.

“My husband and I have seen great improvements in our son’s handwriting. His legibility, spacing of words, placing his letters correctly on the line and sitting posture has improved. Kathryn is a miracle worker!” -  L.T.

“It’s amazing that school only teaches cursive for one year-the 3rd grade. For those that don’t grasp the concept the first time someone like Kathryn is necessary to give more instruction. She made the handwriting tutoring fun for my son while he learned to form his letters.” - M.H.

“I would recommend Kathryn as a handwriting specialist with OC Handwriting because she makes each session interesting and fun for my son! Each week she brought a new creative exercise into the program. My son made improvements in his letter formation, legibility, and sitting posture. He also now grips his pencil correctly.  My son never once complained that Kathryn was coming or that he had to work on his writing. She brought back his confidence in himself and it is greatly appreciated.” - K.H.

"You have given our son great confidence in an area [handwriting] that was previously very daunting for him. We sincerely appreciate the patience and love you have shown him. He always looked forward to seeing and being with you. Thank you so much for all you have done for him!" – B.L.

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