OC Hand Writing

OC Handwriting

Provides handwriting services for kids and adults throughout Southern California.

Orange County Handwriting (OC Handwriting) provides individualized evaluation and tutoring sessions to all children and adults in the Southern California area. Services are provided to PreK - 12th grade students as well as adults by Kathryn Majewicz, owner/ certified handwriting specialist. Our mission is to help individuals develop good handwriting skills so as to lay the foundation for successful writing and self confidence for years to come.

OC Handwriting uses the award winning curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears® which is designed to help master printing and cursive skills. It is a multi-sensory program-combining visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic input to tap into virtually anyone's learning strengths. Through the use of workbooks and engaging materials developing good and automatic handwriting skills is now a reality.

“The truth is that mastering handwriting sets children up for other learning successes. Handwriting builds confidence, teaches children to have an organized approach and enhances their ability to communicate.”
                                                         - Jan Olsen, OTR & founder of Handwriting Without Tears®.

Call OC Handwriting at (714) 875-2474 or use our contact form to schedule a handwriting assessment and receive a FREE educational tool that promotes the fine motor and small muscle development of the hand.